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Scholarship for Students with Mental Health Issues

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Scholarship for Students with Mental Health Issues

Meet Danny Gassaway

Danny is a 38-year old male who achieved his four-year degree after nine years of alternating with school and work. He grew up having panic attacks, was diagnosed with OCD at age 18, and suffered from severe depression. Danny had given up on the idea of a college degree. More than once he had to leave or even drop a class due to a panic attack, or failed an exam because he was compelled to answer "C" even though he knew the correct answer was "B". Shortly after graduation, Danny started helping students like him that struggle with OCD and depression so that they too can achieve their goals. 

"I hated having multiple choice tests as I convinced myself that B was the answer, even though I knew in my heart it was C, but I had to put B."

The Scholarship

Many students who are diagnosed with OCD or depression find it difficult to take that extra step and go to college. There are many stresses that come from obtaining a four-year degree, and those with mental illness have extra hurdles to overcome. This scholarship takes away a main hurdle for most students - the stress of paying for their education, especially when the degree takes longer to obtain through no fault of their own. This scholarship can be used for anything from books, tuition, tutoring sessions - even a parking pass. Anything to ease the life of a student that committed to furthering their education despite the difficulties.

"Help me help others. Having someone hold us up only makes us fight harder."

Students who struggle with mental health do not always feel comfortable with themselves even in their own home. They also study more than just their classwork to find a way to succeed despite their struggles.

The Impact

According to, the stress of college can trigger OCD symptoms in a student who has never experienced them before. Those who had been diagnosed prior to college may see an increase in the severity of their symptoms. As 1 in 40 adults are diagnosed with OCD, this scholarship has the potential to impact hundreds of students at OU. 

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Please share our project by clicking the buttons above to help spread the word and increase our support! It is time to talk about mental health and gain some support for OU students along the way!

Thank You!

Thank you to anyone who has read our story, understood our mission, supported the cause, or helped a friend or family member with OCD and/or depression. 

"There is something special about having different mental illnesses. We refuse to quit. We prevail. We make it work. If you can fight mental illness, a degree is just one extra step; but it is a step to that finish line."

Individuals with mental health issues can sometimes struggle with even leaving their house.
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Widespread Impact

1 in 40 adults struggle with OCD. A gift of any size helps to further our reach and impact more students at OU.


Onset By Age 25

75% of adults who will have a mental health disorder have their first episode by age 25, including OCD and depression. This means that in addition to the stress felt by all new college students, those who will have a mental health disorder will have an added struggle during these stressful years.


75% of Cases Start in College

75% of lifetime cases of mental health conditions such as OCD and depression start by age 24-25, or right around college years.


Help Us Help Others

Showing students there are strangers supporting them can go a long way in achieving their goals and improving their mindset. Any amount will help show this support!


Tuition Credit Hours

A gift at this level pays approximately one credit hour for an in-state student. Although most classes are three credit hours, partial coverage will help a student's decision to continue their education an easier one.

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