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Competitive Robotics 2019

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Competitive Robotics 2019

Who We Are

Sooner Competitive Robotics (SCR) was founded in 2013 by OU students who wanted to compete in, and win, robotics competitions. Over the years since, SCR has proudly represented the university at many robotics competitions around the country, including RoboGames – the birthplace of BattleBots. Currently, SCR supports four different robotics teams that each go to different competitions. Our teams tackle challenges like self-driving robotics, long distance control, and image recognition. Our students come from many different backgrounds and represent many different majors, such as: Aerospace, Mechanical, Computer and Electrical engineering, along with Computer Science and Engineering Physics. Our Robotics teams give our students skills and experience only an engineering project can give, and our students go on to represent OU in more than just robotics competitions – but in industry as well.


What We Need

We are looking to find bigger and more exciting competitions that can inspire many more students. As an organization we want to give our members more resources that will empower them to be better engineers. We are setting a starting goal of $1500 to achieve sustainable growth, but we want to beat this goal so we can provide more opportunities to our students.

Your generous donation will help us purchase the parts and tools required to make winning robots. Since the robotics industry is relatively new and growing, many of the parts we need are expensive. However, even the smallest donations are needed to help us buy things like wood and screws to hold robots together. By donating to SCR, you are helping a student on their path to being an engineer.


Our Teams


The Mercury robotics team is tasked with making a robot that a human driver can navigate through an obstacle course. The catch? The robot must be driven from over 50 miles away! Additonally, this year our robot has to pick up a ping pong ball and launch it into a hole along the way. This is one of our flagship teams and it gives students a new mechanical and software challenge each year. Your support will make it possible for this team to drive faster and earn more points at competition.



Our IEEE robotics team is our other flagship team, and makes an autonomous robot that competes at the IEEE Region 5 conference against other universities each year. This year’s robot has to be able to find wooden cubes and classify them based on a letter painted on them. Every year the IEEE competition pushes our students to the edge of the possible through experimenting with computer vision and new robot software. A contribution to our goal will help this team buy the specialty parts it needs to win.



Our sumobot team fights other robots like a sumo wrestler in a ring. This team is where a lot of our newer members get introduced to the field of robotics and gain experience with CAD, soldering and basic programming. The team has competed in RoboGames, finshing 4th and 5th in the autonomous 3 kilogram sumo division the past two years. This year they are working on adding remote control capability so they can compete in more competitions. A donation to SCR will help us open more possibilities to students who have never worked with robots before.



The RoboMagellan team is charged with making a self-driving robot that can navigate in an outdoor environment – even when it is raining. RoboMagellan is our newest team and the robot they are building this year is an opportunity for more experienced students to learn more advanced robotics topics. This team faces unique challenges, and your donation can help create more advanced robotics teams like this one.

Choose a giving level


Hold the robot together

Five dollars might not look like a lot, but its the small parts that make robotics possible! Wires, resistors, bolts, screws, and glue make up a robot, and holding everything together is really important. Some electronics boards can also be bought at this price, and they are the brains of the operation


Building Materials

Give a robot a body! With ten dollars, we can do a lot when it comes to buying structural materials like wood and metal. We can also buy some electronics and other accessories which will help us assemble a competition ready bot


Electronic Devices

Give our robots a brain! We need small computers and real-time devices like a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino to give robots the ability to do things. These computers make decisions about the robot's movements and also can give the robot an accurate picture of its environment, both necessary for winning competitions


Fancy Stuff

Some of our robots need high precision sensors or motors to get the job done, and that's where this donation level can help! LiDAR devices (used on self-driving cars) and high strength motors (for pushing other robots around) are a couple of examples of what can be bought for our bots to make them ten times better


Competition Fees

Let's go win something! In order to win, we need to register for competition. Some competitions are more expensive than others, and you can help us get there.


Robot from the Ground up

Build a robot! At this level we could build an entire robot from scratch and be competition ready.

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