OU's Greatest Need

What Is President's Partners?

Because of the generosity of OU’s alumni and friends President's Partners, also known as OU's Greatest Need, is the University's only campus-wide unrestricted fund. It provides the University with the most important of resources-those that can be used whenever and wherever the need is greatest.

President's Partners provides unrestricted funding for scholarships, technology and other resources that directly benefit deserving OU students.

Contributions from donors like you mean our scholarship recipients can focus more on pursuing their education at OU and less on how to pay for it. Here’s what two of those students, Ivy and Dylan, have to say about the impact President’s Partners and its supporters have had on them.

Ivy Dunavent

Major: International Development

Hometown: Elgin, OK

"I am not only a first generation college student, but also a first generation high school graduate. You have made a dream that has existed within my family for years become a reality-to be a college student. Both of my parents are now deceased and the financial burden of paying for college is a weight that I used to carry alone. Because of people like you, the weights have been lifted and you have shown grace to a human you have never met, and I thank you for giving me a shot at life."



Michelle Gutierrez

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Hennessey, OK

 “I can enhance my educational experience, better appreciate OU, and have the confidence to say OU is my home away from home. Receiving this scholarship is like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have received this scholarship. It couldn't have been possible without the generous donations from OU Alumni and friends. Boomer Sooner!”

  1. Giving to President's Partners: Your gift helps provide financial assistance for OU students so that they can focus on the reason they are here — their education!
  2. Spreading the word: OU’s amazing friends and family make so many educational opportunities possible. Help us get the word out to them by using the social media buttons at the top of this page!

Thank You!

Thank you for your support of this important program that makes such a difference in the lives of OU students. Boomer Sooner!

Sep 10, 2019

Welcome to OU Giving Day 2019! We are so excited to see how the day unfolds. Whether you choose to support ground-breaking research, a student organization, scholarships for deserving students or the department closest to you - we appreciate your support! Please share our page to ecourage others to give and come back often to track our progress.

Rank State Gifts
1 OK 26
2 TX 8
3 CA 6
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