Geology & Geophysics Summer Field Camp

Housed within the Mewbourne College of Earth & Energy, the ConocoPhillips School of Geology educates more than 250 undergraduates and graduates aspiring to be geoscience professionals. “Hands-on” education and field-based skills make us an academic leader for end-to-end geology, and geophysics education and research.


Bartell Field Camp


 The camp is located on the northeastern edge of the Wet Mountains and overlooks the Cañon City Embayment, a structural reentrant in the Colorado Front Range. Snow‐covered Pikes Peak is visible to the north and the Great Plains to the east. The area is an ideal geological field laboratory — the Phanerozoic section and faults associated with the mountain front are beautifully exposed and available for study. Combined with the near‐perfect weather and proximity to a variety of outdoor activities and metropolitan Denver, it’s no wonder OU students have been coming here since 1950.




Our 1- to 3-day field trips are a key reason our school continues to produce such exceptional graduates. Field trips consist of 1-day trips to weeklong endeavors, serve between 10 and 25 students per trip, and range in cost from $1,500 to $10,000 per trip.


These field trips are underfunded, placing a heavy financial burden on students. Your donation will help relieve that burden and allow more students to participate in trips. These trips give students the opportunity to practice what they study in the classroom and help them upon graduation by providing working knowledge of the field.


Please, help us continue our field trip programs so our school can continue to provide students with the best learning opportunities and prepare them for their successful careers.


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