Nutritional Sciences


YOUR GIFT MATTTERS! Whether small or large, we appreciate the support from donors such as you to the Department of Nutritional Sciences!


Our accredited dietetics program accepted 25 students — the most in in its history — this year. Student interest in our dietetics and graduate programs has never been higher.


Our nutrition faculty are doing nationally funded research that, to single out just two projects, is adding to our knowledge of the food environment in child care centers, and also adding to our understanding of how nutrition impacts the aging process. 


Your generous donation will support scholarships for students. More students than ever are struggling to meet the financial burden of going to college, forcing them to work evenings and weekends, so help us help them!


You can also assist by forwarding and sharing this message. Thank you!  We are grateful to our donors and all your support.  You make a difference in our OU family!

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