R.I.S.E. Scholarship through PA

Here’s what two of those students, Ivy and Dylan, have to say about the impact the R.I.S.E. Scholarship from President's Associates and its supporters have had on them.

Ivy Dunavent

Major: International Development

Hometown: Elgin, OK

"I am not only a first generation college student, but also a first generation high school graduate. You have made a dream that has existed within my family for years become a reality-to be a college student. Both of my parents are now deceased and the financial burden of paying for college is a weight that I used to carry alone. Because of people like you, the weights have been lifted and you have shown grace to a human you have never met, and I thank you for giving me a shot at life."


Eunice Ogungbuyi

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Norman, OK

"I am a first-generation American and College student in my family. Going to college is very important to me so that I can reach my career and personal goals but without scholarships, I would not be able to pay for or go to school. Thanks to the scholarships that I have been awarded I can start my career out of school without such a heavy burden that will allow me to focus on reaching my career goals and not having to make a lot of payments on a massive my college debt.

Your gift helps provide financial assistance for OU students so that they can focus on the reason they are here — their education!

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