Gaylord College Graduate Programs

The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication offers several graduate programs for students looking to further their education.


Dr. Shugofa Dastgeer


Master of Arts

These programs are geared to continuing and full-time students as well as the working professional needs to spread coursework over several years. The College regularly offers core courses at night, and some (though not all) electives are also available at night.


Master of Professional Writing

Our Master of Professional Writing (MPW) is one of the first programs of its kind in the United States, focusing on popular fiction and nonfiction.

Our program faculty include commercially successful authors who bring substantial practical and creative experience to the classroom. Our unique Master of Professional Writing program allows students to work in close collaboration with experienced faculty who are actively writing and publishing novels, non-fiction books and screenplays, and fellow students who are doing the same.


Ph.D. Program

The program is highly competitive, admitting and funding up to five students per year. Doctoral candidates will find a faculty with a wide range of interests encompassing a variety of approaches and perspectives related to the program’s three concentrations:  News and Information, Strategic Communication and Media Arts. Graduates will be prepared to become both accomplished researchers and outstanding teachers in colleges and universities around the world.

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