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Engineering students studying throughout the world is trending up! Over 75 students studied abroad this past year (May 2017- April 2018), attending programs in Italy, Puebla, Rio, France, and Ethiopia. The exciting news is that there are already over 100 students signed up for Summer and Fall 2018! That’s a 27% increase from last year and applications are still coming.


Engineering students aren’t just studying, they are taking their skills global to make a difference. Recently, students created a tourism app at the request of Norman’s sister-city and home to study abroad students, Arezzo, Italy. Once completed, students had the opportunity to present the new addition to the city leaders. In Ethiopia, students are helping implement clean water projects for villages. These are just a few examples of the one-of-a-kind experience and hands-on learning students will experience during their time abroad


We want our engineers to be global citizens. We don’t want anything, especially the lack of funds to stop a student from taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. We need your help to ensure the Sooner spirit of adventure, travel, and learning endures. Your support of study abroad scholarships will help those that do not have the ability to go due to finances.

 “You have to see the world before you can change it.” - Sarah

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