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The University of Oklahoma Food Pantry was established in February 2017. The pantry is run by student volunteers who recognize the importance of eliminating hunger on our campus. Our mission is to contribute to the overall health and wellness of the OU campus community by providing FREE supplemental food assistance. We seek to raise enough money to preserve the OU Food Pantry and ensure that our Sooner brothers and sisters don't go hungry. Oklahoma is one of the hungriest states in the nation! We operate solely on donations, and we are not funded directly through the university. We depend on generous donors like you to keep our doors open.



We need your help

Many of our students struggle to pay for costs associated with attending college. With the rising cost of living, the price of textbooks, tuition, etc., the OU Food Pantry is necessary to ensure the OU community has the assistance it needs to end food insecurity.


Nearly 55% of students are forced to choose between purchasing a textbook or buying groceries. Almost 53% of students reported they had to miss a class due to hunger. 25% of students have reported they have dropped a class due to food insecurities. More than 56% of food-insecure students are working while in college.


Our goal is to eliminate food insecurities and provide educational resources to members of the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus community who are in need. Please donate and help an OU student, or faculty or staff member in need. We couldn't help others without your help!


Rank State Gifts
1 OK 17
2 TX 7
3 KS 2
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Or you can contact us at btramel@ou.edu.