Clinical Skills Lab


The Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center (CSETC) is a 22,000-square-foot facility at the OU Health Sciences Center where students and practicing clinicians engage in simulation to enhance their skills in patient care.


Within the CSETC, mannequins, both adult and pediatric, feature realistic physical and physiological attributes and simulate a variety of medical conditions. In addition to mannequins, individuals from the community serve as Standardized Patients (SPs) at the CSETC. SPs undergo extensive training in order to role-play patients with different symptoms and personalities. SPs give feedback to students, and each encounter is videotaped for further review with faculty members.


Medical students are the primary users of the CSETC, beginning from the moment they enter medical school. Residents and fellows participate in simulation, as do practicing physicians from the state and region. Because the OU Health Sciences Center is a comprehensive academic campus, students from nursing, allied health, pharmacy and other areas participate in simulated activities as well.


Simulation provides its users with cutting-edge technology and quality interactions that shape the future of health care delivery. Quality and safety in patient care is our goal, and the CSETC plays a significant role in that mission.

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