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“Life-changing!” “Eye-opening!” “Challenging.” “Incredible opportunity.” “It changed the way I think – how I see the world.” These are some of the accolades students use to describe their experience in the Honors at Oxford program. For nearly two decades, Honors at Oxford has provided OU students the opportunity to live and learn in a place that is considered the pinnacle of higher education. In Summer 2018, 49 students travelled across the pond to study at Brasenose College, founded in 1509. To date, more than 750 students have participated in Honors at Oxford. At the heart of this program is Melanie Wright. Inspired by her unparalleled commitment to Honors at Oxford, the Honors College established the Melanie Wright Study Abroad Scholarship in Spring 2018. As an enduring tribute to Melanie’s dedicated service, this special award is given to an outstanding Honors College student each summer.


Melanie Wright obtained her Ph.D. in English from the University of Oklahoma in 1991. Beginning as an academic advisor for the Honors College in 1994, Melanie eventually assumed the role of advisor for nationally competitive scholarships. As any one of the more than 100 nationally competitive scholarship recipients whom Melanie has personally coached would attest, there is nothing more important to her than the success of her students. This scholarship not only recognizes Melanie’s legacy, but it helps fulfill her desire to ensure that future generations of Honors College students have an unforgettable study abroad opportunity.


Traveling, living and learning abroad helps students become global citizens as they adapt to an ever-changing world.  If you’d like to be a part of this life-changing opportunity for Honors College students, please consider supporting the Melanie L. Wright Study Abroad Scholarship!




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