First Year Research Experience

In partnership with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, the Honors College offers an opportunity for first-year Honors students to participate in laboratory research each Spring term.  This course, the FYRE (First-Year Research Experience), is open to all Honors College students from all majors and all OU students who apply and are accepted to the Honors College as a part of the FYRE application process. Students chosen after a competitive application process are partnered with a professor with whom they participate in active laboratory research.  Participants receive three hours of Honors credit for successfully completing the course.


In most classes, laboratory research is reserved for graduate students or advanced undergraduate students working within their respective majors. Such a model often consists of minimal faculty-student contact and even less engagement with active research being done in the laboratory. The Honors-Chemistry FYRE places new students into the lab in a way that exposes them to actual scientific work and activity. By preparing students as early as possible for a career in the sciences, this program sets them apart from their peers and builds a foundation that will last a lifetime.


Please consider helping the Honors College continue the FYRE program so we can continue to provide students with one of the best hands-on research experiences for undergraduates at the University of Oklahoma.

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