Honors Engineering Research Experience



In partnership with the College of Engineering, the Honors College offers an opportunity for Honors students to participate in laboratory research each Spring term. This course, the HERE (Honors Engineering Research Experience), is open to Honors College students from the College of Engineering. The goal of this program is to promote research among the most talented undergraduate engineering students and increase awareness of engineering graduate degrees. Students chosen after a competitive application process are partnered with a professor with whom they participate in active laboratory research. Participants receive three hours of Engineering and Honors credit for successfully completing the course.


Research roles vary, but generally, students work as lab members participating in the day-to-day activities of engineering-related work.  Students commit approximately 9-12 hours per week distributed among reading, computer work, and in-lab hours.


Please help us continue the HERE program so the Honors College can continue to provide engineering students with the best research opportunities and prepare them for successful careers. 

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